“Waterproof Anti-Slip Pet Dog Shoes: Chihuahua’s Stylish Footwear”


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Product Description
Material: Waterproof cloth 
Color: Red / Yellow / Blue / Orange / Pink / Black 
1# Shoes Length: 3.5cm / Shoes Width: 2.5cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.0.5-1Kg dog 
2# Shoes Length: 4cm / Shoes Width: 3cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.1.5-2.5Kg dog 
3# Shoes Length: 4.5cm / Shoes Width: 3.5cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.2.5-3.5Kg dog 
4# Shoes Length: 5cm / Shoes Width: 4cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.3.5-5Kg dog 
5# Shoes Length: 5.5cm / Shoes Width: 4.5cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.5-6.5Kg dog 
6# Shoes Length: 6cm / Shoes Width: 5cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.9Kg dog 
7# Shoes Length: 6.5cm/ Shoes Width: 5.5cm / Suitable for Weight of Approx.11Kg dog 

1.With adjustable elastic band, not easy to lose. 
2.Keep your lovely dogs' paws clean and warm 
3.Waterproof and can be worn in the rainy days. 
4.Soles have non-slip soft particles, safe with protection from ice and snow,rain and so on. 
5.It have reflective strips, keep the safety of dog. 

Packing List: 
1 Set of pet dog shoes (4pcs) 





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Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Little yellow monkey, Little blue monkey, Rose Red Monkey, Plus velvet yellow, Plus velvet blue, Plus velvet Rose Red


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1


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