“Purrfect Grooming: Adjustable Cat Restraint”


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【Make Bathing Easier】Our Cat Bathing Bag is specially designed for people who are troubled by cat bathing, with a wide range of uses, it is very suitable for Bathing / Grooming / Nail trimming / Feeding medicine / Teeth and ears cleaning / Eye drops / Examination / Injection, etc.

【Tough Material 】Tear-resistant and tough, mesh design, the purpose is to prevent it from biting and scratching when helping the cat to bathe, it can also be smeared with body wash, so that It can be washed more cleanly, and at the same time, it will be very breathable and comfortable, with good drainage and easy to dry. Easy to clean, can be machine washed and hand washed, can be used repeatedly. is a trusted cat bathing supplies.

【 Functional Design】Our Cat Grooming Bag with 4 drawstrings: Front and back drawstring prevent cat teeth, front and rear claws stick out to scratch people; Middle drawstring for better fix; Zipper allow you to release one paw at a time, easy to cut nails.

【What You Get】Owning this Cat Washing Bag is equivalent to owning a free pet salon, where you can bathe, groom, and do nails for cats at home. There is no need to go to the pet salon anymore, because the cat will have a stress response when going to an unfamiliar place, which is not good for the body and mood, so you will feel safe and comfortable and happy when you bathe it at home! Be kind to your cat because he loves you too!


Size: As shown in the picture

Design: Cat like design

Color: Pink

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