“Furry Mouse Frenzy: Interactive Cat Toy Set”


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Very realistic Rabbit mouse, cat’s exclusive!
Has the most realistic shape, for the cat pleasure, pass the time, the development of intelligence.
Light body, vivid shape, lovely tail. Pink little ears,
How realistic multi-color random hair, cats will play addictive Oh!
Soft cotton material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
Built-in sound ring paper makes a rustling sound when your pet chews or squeezes it.
It contains catnip which gives off an attractive smell to your pet.
Great happiness as gift for your pet.

Material: Cloth+Plush
Width: 2cm
Full Length 10cm / Mouse Body Length 5cm / Tail Length 5cm
Quantity: 5Pcs
Color: (Random Send Different Color)

Package: 5Pcs * Plush Mouse Toy


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